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Birth Doula – including prenatal visits, continuous support during labor and birth, and post partum follow-up visits.

More info:  Your doula will meet with you and your partner before labor for typically one or two visits to get to know you and your concerns and birth preferences, and offer information and techniques for your planned birth place.  During these visits, your doula can also help you organize your preferences into a written plan, learn and discuss the concerns you and your partner may have, and review options and strategies to help.  Typically your doula and you will also be in more frequent contact in the days leading up to your baby’s birth.  When the birth day arrives, your doula typically will join you at home during labor to begin labor support, later accompanying you to the hospital where she will remain with you and your partner throughout the birth process and the immediate post partum hour or two.  During this time, your doula will help you and your partner with physical, emotional and informational support throughout your childbirth experience, and help in the immediate postpartum hour or two.  She will follow up for a home visit in the days or week after birth to review your experience, answer any questions you may have, and admire you and your beautiful new baby!

Basic Birth Doula Package: 2 prenatal visits, birth, 1 post part visit. Includes 2 prenatal visits, accompanying mom throughout birth process (up to 24 hours) and immediate hour or two after birth, 1 follow-up visit post partum.  You will also have unlimited contact via phone/message with your doula throughout this time.  Your birth doula will also have a backup doula on call for your birth, and you will have an opportunity to meet her during one of your prenatal visits.

Additional prenatal or post part visits are also available if desired.

Customized Birth Doula services: Available for any variation of birth plan, let us know what you need and we can accommodate you!  Are you looking for just prenatal preparation and support, or just need an extra set of hands from an experienced birth person outside the delivery room?  We have helped moms and families with widely varying birth circumstances and are available for your specific needs.

Post Partum Doula – Experienced and evidenced-based post partum care for mom, knowledgeable breastfeeding support, newborn care, overnight care, baby wearing, accompanying mom and baby to doctor visits, sibling care, dog walking or pet care.  Available for moms and families while still at the hospital, or first day and night home, and when partner or other family must leave for work. Also available are non-doula meal delivery or in-home cooking, cleaning services and extended sibling childcare options.

More info:  Imagine the first days and week home after your newborn arrives, are you excited, exhausted, uncertain?  Our post partum doulas help mom and family settle in with their new baby, including postpartum care for mom, evidence-based breastfeeding help, newborn care and information, and even the care of another sibling while mom rests, showers, eats or just needs an extra set of experienced hands to help or a little time to herself.  Our goal is to “mother the mother” as she gets to know her baby and recovers from birth, while also offering knowledgeable and evidence-based information and support in the days and weeks after birth.

Our knowledgeable and experienced doulas can help with soothing and swaddling baby techniques, baby wearing, helping mom with breastfeeding latch or preparing bottles, umbilical cord care and newborn bathing among other things, and she’ll even put on a load of laundry, wash dishes, and put together a snack while mom rests. Post partum services are calculated by the hour and are purchased as packages of 10 or more hours.  Daytime visits are a minimum of 2 hours, and overnight visits are a minimum of 10 hours.

Our postpartum doulas are available to meet mom and partner before their baby’s birth, and we are able to serve moms whenever we are called.

Basic Post Partum Doula Package: 10 hours – can be used as multiple visits of 2 hours (minimum) or longer.

The First Night Home Package: 15 hours – your postpartum doula will come to you once you return home with baby to help you settle in, staying overnight and assisting you throughout the wee hours. She can help with breastfeeding and finding ways to get comfortable as you get some rest and recover after birth.  After the first night, she will return for 1 or 2 more follow-up daytime visits.

At night she can help by bringing baby to you in bed for feeds and assisting with latch throughout the night.  She can take baby and sooth him/or her so you and your partner can sleep and recover.  By day she will help with post partum care, set you up with comfortable breastfeeding or bottle feeding stations, do light household work (laundry, pet care and dog walking, washing dishes, make a smoothie or snack for mom) and keep your other child company as you rest and spend time with your baby, while also lending a hand with getting a good breastfeeding latch.  She will even make a run to the supermarket or pharmacy if you need it.  You may also choose to include meal services for an additional charge.

Standard Post Partum Doula Package: 20 hours – Can be structured as one overnight stay (10 hours) with up to five post-partum visits (minimum 2 hours each), or as two overnight stays (20 hours).

Postpartum Re-up: Add an additional 10 or more hours to your package as needed.

Preparing for Childbirth Classes and Workshops – class series for expecting moms with partner or labor support friend in a group or private setting.

More info:  3 or 4 weekly group classes covering either a 7.5 or 10 hour curriculum in a comfortable and informal, hands-on and positive atmosphere.  Topics include prenatal health, nutrition, exercise, relaxation and other coping techniques for labor, stages of labor and what it looks like and feels like, the role of the partner or support person, when to go to the hospital and what to bring, breastfeeding, newborn care, interventions and informed consent, vaginal and cesarean births, and preparing for births in hospital, clinic and home settings.

We emphasize labor and birth as a normal physiological process, while also offering information and coping strategies for when complications and interventions may arise, including delivery by cesarean section. The goal is to help couples in a positive and empowering way to prepare and participate in one of the greatest adventures in life!

Private classes can also be structured for individual concerns, including topics such as planned VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), birth after trauma, planning and setting-up for homebirth, and other individualized topics.

Additional Non-Doula Home Services – Meal delivery for the family, regular home cleaning services, childcare or baby-siting services.  All services performed by experienced moms who are patient, kind, non-judgmental and respectful of the sensitive postpartum time in the weeks and months after birth.  Most of our moms have breastfeeding experience themselves and are supportive and celebratory of the breastfeeding relationship between a mom and her baby.